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Politea is an analysis company focusing on international political risk, strategy and foresight, managed by Björn Fägersten.

Conflicts, great power rivalry and geoeconomic disruptions have a major impact on private and public organisations. Fundamental changes brought about by emerging technologies adds an additional layer of complexity to international affairs.   

With research, foresight, and strategy development, Politea helps companies and authorities to navigate in this increasingly turbulent environment. The firm brings together expertise from academia, business, and management to help clients manage risks, design strategies and position themselves for the future.

Politea is run by Björn Fägersten in collaboration with a network of Swedish and international experts. Each decision maker has unique needs and Politea creates a tailored format for analysis and advice based on these needs.

Björn Fägersten has more than 20 years of experience in geopolitical analysis, applied research and management. He has worked at Lund University, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. He has been named one of Sweden’s super talents by the business weekly Veckans Affärer and is an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.

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