Reports and publications by Politea

Politea produces a range of tailored analyses for customers as well as more general research on topics we think are crucial to navigate global geopolitical turbulence. For transparency, and to benefit public discourse and understanding, we aim to publish a substantial amount of our work as open publications. This includes Politea reports with in-depth coverage of a theme or shorter Politea insights with timely analysis of current developments. Regardless of the format, Politea’s public publications adhere to the same standards: the funding tied to the publication is always indicated, and Politea enjoys full analytic integrity in relation to methods, results, and presentation.

What role does the Swedish defense industry play in the Indo-Pacific region? And how do platforms such as the EU, NATO, and direct cooperation with the US affect Swedish opportunities to engage in the region? In this strategy report, commissioned by SAAB AB, Politea analyzes these issues and suggests a framework for understanding Swedish interests in the region, potential roles for the industry, and the geopolitical dynamics in and around the Indo-Pacific region. Download the full report (in Swedish) here!

In this background report commisioned by The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE), the Swedish response to hybrid threats is analysed. The report discusses the nation’s legal frameworks, interagency cooperation, and the challenges in effectively countering these threats. The role of the private sector and the impact of international alliances through EU and NATO membership are also explored. The report concludes with key lessons learned from Sweden’s strategic responses to these complex security challenges. Download the full report here.

A report on the Euro-Atlantic defence innovation landscape. This report set out to analyse emerging transatlantic defence innovation systems and the extent to which EU and NATO efforts in the domain overlap, are in conflict or have potential synergies. Download the report here!

A report on AUKUS, tech cooperation and the obstacles involved: industrial capacity in all three countries is stretched, political support is fragile and the nature of highly enriched uranium as a fuel is problematic. What future trajectories of cooperation can be envisioned, what opportunities are there for third party actors to engage, and how will AUKUS affect the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific? Download the report here!

The EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) is at the core of transatlantic relations. The next summit will take place during the Swedish EU presidency, in Luleå at the end of May. This Politea report analyses the progress made and explores potential scenarios for future EU-US tech cooperation. Download the report here!